Art restorer and Erehwon benefactor June Dalisay and Professor Anton Juan, Erehwon Chief Cultural Consultant, unveil the Unity Covenant stating the fundamental principles of Erehwon artists.

Members of the Erehwon Arts Council led by Professor Anton Juan and Bonifacio Ilagan have committed to a set of fundamental principles, a commitment which has been permanently inscribed in a steel plate installed at the roofdeck of the Erehwon Center for the Arts.  Internationally renowned Professor Juan is the Center’s Chief Cultural Consultant, while progressive playright Boni Ilagan is the head of the Erehwon Arts Council.

The Unity Covenant was unveiled by Erehwon co-founder and benefactor June Dalisay and Professor Anton Juan last February 11, 2022.

The Erehwon Arts Council is an alliance of various organizations engaged in various artistic pursuits such as painting, theater, opera, dance and music.  The Unity Covenant affirms their unity in their mission to promote the development and proliferation of art in its various forms.  The Unity Covenant also affirms the members’ commitment to fundamental principles espousing belief in God and love for country,  pride in their independence as specific organizations, but united in purpose under the Erehwon Arts Council, practice of the virtues of self-reliance and hard struggle as a means of attaining success and continued growth, belief in art as a social need, as a unique expression of humanity, as a way of bringing people and ideas together, and belief in the paramount importance of the attainment of artistic excellence.