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Erehwon is a member of the Association of Philippine Performing Arts Spaces (APPAS), which is an association of performing arts venues in the Philippines.

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APPAS  envisions an arts infrastructure environment that offers the best facilities for audiences and most conducive spaces for artists and cultural workers.  It was erstwhile informally established in February 2018 as the Philippine Performing Arts Centers Consortium (PhilPACC), spearheaded by the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

APPAS is fuelled by its mission to contribute to the enhancement of the Filipino artists-audience encounter through the revitalization and synergy of performing arts spaces,  which it seeks to achieve through continuous recruitment efforts (especially in the regions), regular activities/programs for members, and trainings/workshops on technical theatre, curatorship, venue and production management, among others.

Erehwon Arts Council

Its nature as a people’s art center where artists, whether well-known or up and coming, whether young or mature, can show off their talents, has also led to the formation of the Erehwon Arts Council.

This was in response to the question posed by the late Behn Cervantes, who asked, “What’s the use of the center if there aren’t any artists?”  He then gave the three Cs which serve as Erehwon’s guide from the start: to encourage artists to converge, collaborate, and enjoy the camaraderie while providing space and resources to highlight their talents.

Members of the council are composers and musicians of various genre, singers, theater performers and playwrights, dancers, poets, and various other artists.

Partnerships have also been formed with foreign embassies, resulting in guestings by various performers from other countries in Erehwon events. In turn, young Erehwon dancers and musicians have been invited to perform in international conferences hosted locally and in foreign embassy events.  These include the Erehwon Youth Rondalla entertaining guests during Mexico’s celebration of its National Day here, young Erehwon folk dancers performing at an international tourism summit, and performances at Erehwon by the Vladivostock-based Russian Folk Dance company, who also performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and by dancers from South Korea and Japan.