With a blessing from Father Rowen Z. Carlos of the Congregation of the Mission (CM), Erehwon Center of the Arts opened its extensively renovated, grand, outdoor performance stage, with its design and facilities upgrade guided by highly regarded stage designer Ohm David who is known for creating spaces and environments for productions, museums, and installation art both here and abroad.

The new facility boasts of an expanded roof design to cover part of the audience, while maintaining an open-air concept for good ventilation.  New stage lights, sound system, and flooring is Erehwon’s big welcome to more live performances in the years to come.

Just six months before, in June 2023, Erehwon Center opened its black box theater at the third floor of its main building, further expanding its facilities for the staging of more affordable performance events.

Erehwon is now extending its welcome to investors who would like to build a legacy for an individual or expand the visibility of their organization by offering naming rights for the black box theater and the outdoor performance stage.