Heading the attendees were author and playwright Bonifacio Ilagan of the Tag-Ani Performing Arts Society, Almira Astudillo Gilles of the Chicago Field Museum, and the American Museum of Philippine Arts Foundation, well-known sculptor Jose Al Giroy, as well as renowned artists Grandier Bella and Emmanuel Nim.  Also represented were partner organizations under the Art Council, which are film producer Film Dogs, the Fides Cuyugan Asensio Institute of Music and Arts (FCAIMA), the vocal ensemble PASIPO, the music makers of the Erehwon Jazz Orchestra and the Erehwon Rondalla, and the Erehwon Dance Company.  Not present at this meeting but part of the Council is MUSIKA, a group of various composers, singers, and musicians headed by Heber Bartolome.

Erehwon founder Rafael Benitez discussed the challenges wrought by the covid 19 pandemic, but at the same time, he believed it simply meant pursuing the development of artistic pursuits through new digital media such as film.  As Boni Ilagan strongly stated, “Let not this pandemic stop the fruition of art and cultural performances.”

Also presented during this meeting were the new privileges of Erehwon Arts Council members at The Roofdeck, the new hangout place at the Erehwon Center for the Arts.

Erehwon Arts Council Holds 2021 Inaugural Meeting