Multi-talented Cesar Montano is an actor, director, television host, producer, singer and composer, as well as visual artist.  At Behn Cervantes The Roofdeck, Cesar sung his original composition, “Pilipinas.”  The song is an ode to the struggling Filipino, who is working hard to provide for his family, enduring hunger, difficult conditions, and the pain of having to live distant from his family.  At the same time, the song urges Filipinos not to be afraid to fight for their rights, not to subjugate themselves to anyone.  It expresses a strong belief that Filipinos can triumph over the worst odds because their innate intelligence and skills, and God’s constant support, will see them through.

Aside from acting, Montano also embarked on a singing career, with the release of his music album “Subok Lang” (Just Try) in 2000.  As a singer, he is known for singing acoustic ballads.  Nine of the album’s ten songs is accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, giving a quiet, mellow ambiance.  The spirited “Ikaw Lang” (Only You) is the only song to use other instruments besides the acoustic guitar, and drums and bass are also heard. “Subok Lang” went on to become Platinum record.

As an actor, one of his breakout roles is his portrayal of José Rizal, the Philippine national hero, in the film, “José Rizal.” The film is unprecedented as it portrays Philippine society during Spanish colonization of the Philippines and its relevance up to the present day.

Watch him perform at the Erehwon Films Youtube channel