A life-size sculpture of Behn Cervantes made by artist Jose Al Giroy welcomes all visitors to Erehwon’s new hangout place for artists, The Roofdeck.  He stands in front of his memorial plaque installed strategically at this entrance.  These are in honor of the late artist and activist Behn Cervantes whose words gave life to what the Erehwon Art Center has become, an artists’ haven, where artists are welcome to converge, collaborate and enjoy the camaraderie of being with one another.

Unveiling the plaque were Erehwon chief executive Rafael Benitez, sculptor Jose Al Giroy, playwright Boni Ilagan, and American Museum of Philippine Art co-organizer Almira Astudillo-Gilles.  Presenting the new sculpture to select members of the Erehwon Art Council were Erehwon Art Foundation (EAF) chairman Renato “Boysie” Villavicencio, EAF president Jesus Varela, and Rafael Benitez.