About Us

Jacob's Ladder sculpture in Erehwon

Erehwon Center for the Arts is a former factory that has reinvented itself as Quezon City’s emerging cultural center. It is a hub for activities celebrating the visual arts, performing arts, music, literature and film.

Erehwon is a center devoted for the arts. It seeks to be the living hub and center of the arts in the Philippines. It aims to bring together the artistic energies of Filipinos and artists around the globe. It also aims to create a rebirth of the arts.

It is a space which will provide a multi-sided colloquium of artists eager to advance art to a new and higher level in our world and to strengthen art as a means of communication and understanding among people throughout our contemporary world.

–edited from remarks by Alice Guillermo

For location info on Erehwon, please see: Where is Erehwon?

For more information, you may call Erehwon at 294-5286 during office hours (Mon-Fri).

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Facebook: @erehwoncenterforthearts
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