Today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer features a piece by Amadís Ma. Guerrerro about Erehwon, entitled “A Cultural Center Rises in Old Balara.” You can read the article in full here.

Guerrero begins the feature with a quick rundown of the art center’s history, followed by the musings of Erehwon’s founder, businessman Rafael Benitez:

It started as an industrial bakery, then morphed into a printing press, and then the owner of the four-story building, businessman Rafael Benitez, an art collector, decided to transform it into some kind of venue and headquarters for his many artist friends like Emmanuel Garibay, Egai Fernandez and Adi Baens Santos.

The emphasis was first on the visual arts, but, thinking big, Benitez decided to name the corporation Erehwon Center for the Arts (tel. 2945286), taking his cue from a classic novel by Samuel Butler and also from a one-time bookstore, owned by Antonio Abaya on Padre Faura Street, Manila, which he used to frequent.

“Laking Erehwon ako,” he says laughingly. And as far as he is concerned, Erehwon spelled backwards means “Now. Here.”

Read the rest of the article on A Cultural Center Rises in Old Balara

Erehwon Art Cafe
Erehwon Art Cafe

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